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The Best Recovery Bar for Runners


A few weeks ago a fellow runner brought some homemade bars to share with our group. And it was unanimous that they were so yummy. And after running 14 miles, it's helpful to eat something

The Best Recovery Bar for Runners2019-07-21T12:42:05-07:00

Actual Ways to ‘Reach Out’


Reaching out to others is one of the most helpful ways to get through a difficult time. But "why didn't they tell me?" is such a common phrase when we talk about suicide or mental

Actual Ways to ‘Reach Out’2019-07-01T08:11:50-07:00

A Letter to my Son About Weight


Dear Son, Time has gone so quickly since you were born, and you amaze me everyday with your curiosity of this world. You have a lot of questions, and I don't always have the answers.

A Letter to my Son About Weight2019-06-13T09:04:26-07:00

Tips that Make Trail Running More Fun


My first exposure to running trails was in Southern California. My high school coach hosted practice at a hilly trail behind California State University, San Bernardino. These trails are hot and dusty, no-shade kinds of

Tips that Make Trail Running More Fun2019-03-29T06:30:51-07:00

“This Is Us” Teaches Us Why Resilience Matters


After watching an episode of This Is Us, I have been thinking about why overcoming trauma is more difficult for some people. And why resilience matters for our emotional and mental health. In this episode

“This Is Us” Teaches Us Why Resilience Matters2019-01-28T15:16:05-07:00

Vegan Double-Chocolate Protein Cookies


In one of my nutrition courses we debated about which foods we considered edible and inedible. Some foods listed as inedible to some were insects, tongue, brains, and pigs feet. Others listed meats as inedible

Vegan Double-Chocolate Protein Cookies2019-01-22T05:09:43-07:00

Best Recipes for Busy Athletes


I asked 52 endurance athletes about their eating habits and their nutrition. And I found their responses very interesting. Their responses proved there are lots of different ways to eat before, during, and after training.

Best Recipes for Busy Athletes2019-01-21T11:09:09-07:00

What is the Everyday Athlete?


Am I an athlete? A few months ago I was on a group run, and one of the runners brought up my latest nutrition article on the Steeplechasers Newsletter. She said when she reads the word

What is the Everyday Athlete?2019-01-02T13:19:57-07:00