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Connecting mind, body, heart, and spirit for the Everyday Athlete

Kokoro Nutrition is a resource for the everyday athlete. Blog publisher, Julie Harris develops and posts useful content related to nutrition, physical, mental, and emotional health. Julie also shares her experiences traveling, running, and living a life outdoors. Her goal is to inspire and motivate readers.

Kokoro is derived from the Japanese language, and means connecting mind, body, heart, and spirit. In Western culture, we’ve separated the elements. We find ourselves feeling out of balance as the elements dominant over each other, instead of feeling connected. When we find connection between all elements, we begin to thrive as an everyday athlete.

An everyday athlete is someone who cares about their health enough to do something about it. They’ve reached a basic level of fitness in their sport or activity of choice. The everyday athlete is someone who regularly enjoys purposeful physical activity and has some degree of knowledge about their body and nutrition. Everyday athletes spend time planning daily activities, exercise, nutrition, and goals so they can live a life in balance.

Are you an Everyday Athlete?


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