The Missing Piece to Running During COVID-19


Running has become popular again. Naturally, it can be a good sport for social distancing. You lace up your sneakers, put on some shorts (or tights depending on what season you're still in), and head

The Missing Piece to Running During COVID-192020-04-30T06:54:52-07:00

Let’s Talk about Tofu


Tofu is one of those foods that I didn’t try until I was in my 20’s. I am not even sure I knew what it was but is now it is included in our menu

Let’s Talk about Tofu2016-11-21T08:39:51-07:00

The Makings of a Registered Dietitian


Nearly ten years after graduating from college with my Bachelors in Exercise Science and three years after my Masters in Public Health, I’ve decided I’m not done yet and I’ve decided to go back to

The Makings of a Registered Dietitian2016-11-02T16:06:44-07:00

How to Navigate and ENJOY a Large Race


This weekend, I ran the Baltimore Half Marathon, and although I was pleased with my time, I got elbowed in the nose by another runner. It was forceful enough to make my nose bleed, causing

How to Navigate and ENJOY a Large Race2016-10-16T19:40:15-07:00

Eating Disorders in Children


I have been interning with a Registered Dietitian (RD) who works with eating disorder clients. Last week one of the sessions that I shadowed was a ten-year-old girl who is recovering from anorexic behaviors. This

Eating Disorders in Children2016-10-07T09:42:17-07:00

Seven Fun Health Benefits of Pumpkin


Pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin risotto, pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin smoothies, pumpkin beer… the list goes on with what pumpkin gets added to. With 80 percent of the pumpkin crop available during October, it’s likely

Seven Fun Health Benefits of Pumpkin2016-10-07T06:18:13-07:00

Change is Possible


  This is a hard post to write because it exposes a part of me that for many years I kept as a secret and I worked hard at to make sure it stayed a

Change is Possible2016-09-29T19:34:54-07:00
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