Applying and Matching to a Dietetic Internship


The second major requirement to becoming an RD is to match to a dietetic internship. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) regulates and audits internship programs. So as a dietetics student you research all

Applying and Matching to a Dietetic Internship2019-01-16T08:41:53-07:00

5 Ways to Manage Your Weight Without Counting Calories


  Dieting and counting calories can be a precursor for eating disorders. The National Eating Disorders Association reports that 35% of “normal dieters” progress into pathological dieting and 20-25% of dieters develop an eating disorder. And

5 Ways to Manage Your Weight Without Counting Calories2019-01-16T08:50:48-07:00

One-Pot Dinners Meal Plan


I was asked by a follower why I don't include nutrition information for my recipes and meal plans. To answer that question, I don't include this information because I don't feel our dinner choices should

One-Pot Dinners Meal Plan2019-01-22T05:11:23-07:00

Pescetarian Mexican-Themed Meal Plan


Are you a summer person? I am, it's my favorite season. One of the reasons is there are so many types of fruits and vegetables in season. The variety of foods provides our bodies with

Pescetarian Mexican-Themed Meal Plan2020-08-07T13:02:40-07:00

Kombucha: Love it or Hate it?


One food I struggle to enjoy is anything that tastes or smells similar to vinegar. So, no surprise that it's 2017 and I just tried kombucha a few months ago. After all, a fermented tea

Kombucha: Love it or Hate it?2017-06-27T06:10:39-07:00

Eating Dessert and Healthy Eating


Dessert and health eating often don't go in the same sentence. Nor do many diet plans include dessert. But I believe dessert can be included in healthy eating. One aspect of my food philosophy that

Eating Dessert and Healthy Eating2017-04-17T06:18:26-07:00
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