Vegan Double-Chocolate Protein Cookies


In one of my nutrition courses we debated about which foods we considered edible and inedible. Some foods listed as inedible to some were insects, tongue, brains, and pigs feet. Others listed meats as inedible

Vegan Double-Chocolate Protein Cookies2019-01-22T05:09:43-07:00

Best Recipes for Busy Athletes


I asked 52 endurance athletes about their eating habits and their nutrition. And I found their responses very interesting. Their responses proved there are lots of different ways to eat before, during, and after training.

Best Recipes for Busy Athletes2019-01-21T11:09:09-07:00

Meal Plan: Healthy & Cheap Dinners


A big barrier to healthy eating is cost. And while healthy food can cost more than the less-healthy food options, there are ways to eat healthy on a budget. There is no question that a

Meal Plan: Healthy & Cheap Dinners2019-01-21T09:23:06-07:00

Is cheese good for athletes?


I just got back from a trip to Stockholm, Sweden, where I ate a cheese sandwich every day. Not just any type of cheese sandwich but one made from Halloumi cheese. My taste buds fell

Is cheese good for athletes?2018-12-24T12:19:01-07:00

Ghrelin and Weight: Calories In-Calories Out?


Every diet on the market is essentially promoting the same principle. Weight is dictated by the relationship between the number of calories you consume and the number of calories you expend. We've all seen the

Ghrelin and Weight: Calories In-Calories Out?2019-01-16T08:28:57-07:00

Running fasted. Where’s the evidence?


The idea of fasting isn't new. It has been a religious practice for centuries and many believe it has potential health benefits. But should runners run in a fasted state? Should athletes include days

Running fasted. Where’s the evidence?2019-01-08T11:14:19-07:00

Orientation for Dietetic Internship


As you know, I matched to Keith and Associates Distance Dietetics Internship (KADDI). I officially started on January 8 when we received a flashdrive in the mail. As part of the program, we had 120

Orientation for Dietetic Internship2019-01-16T08:36:48-07:00
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