Tips that Make Trail Running More Fun


My first exposure to running trails was in Southern California. My high school coach hosted practice at a hilly trail behind California State University, San Bernardino. These trails are hot and dusty, no-shade kinds of

Tips that Make Trail Running More Fun2019-03-29T06:30:51+00:00

Running fasted. Where’s the evidence?


The idea of fasting isn't new. It has been a religious practice for centuries and many believe it has potential health benefits. But should runners run in a fasted state? Should athletes include days

Running fasted. Where’s the evidence?2019-01-08T11:14:19+00:00

The Great Pumpkin Run


Fall is way under way and the brisk mornings make for perfect 5K running weather. This morning I had the chance to run The Great Pumpkin Run at Crumland Farms. I typically only run a few 5k

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