The Best Recovery Bar for Runners


A few weeks ago a fellow runner brought some homemade bars to share with our group. And it was unanimous that they were so yummy. And after running 14 miles, it's helpful to eat something

The Best Recovery Bar for Runners2019-07-21T12:42:05-07:00

Tips that Make Trail Running More Fun


My first exposure to running trails was in Southern California. My high school coach hosted practice at a hilly trail behind California State University, San Bernardino. These trails are hot and dusty, no-shade kinds of

Tips that Make Trail Running More Fun2019-03-29T06:30:51-07:00

Running fasted. Where’s the evidence?


The idea of fasting isn't new. It has been a religious practice for centuries and many believe it has potential health benefits. But should runners run in a fasted state? Should athletes include days

Running fasted. Where’s the evidence?2019-01-08T11:14:19-07:00

The Great Pumpkin Run


Fall is way under way and the brisk mornings make for perfect 5K running weather. This morning I had the chance to run The Great Pumpkin Run at Crumland Farms. I typically only run a few 5k

The Great Pumpkin Run2016-11-05T12:33:58-07:00