This vegetarian meal plan is a 5-day menu. We have tried and tested each of these meals. Each one takes no more than 45 minutes to prepare, with most taking less time than that. As a highly active family and everyday athletes, we focus on eating a variety of foods and aim for most of our meals to contain nutrient-dense foods. And our kid eats what we eat so I do try to consider that in our meal plan.

Click on each of the meal links to get the full recipe.

Here’s this week’s vegetarian meal plan:

Meal 1: Crispy Orange Sesame Tofu and Broccoli

vegetarian meal plan

What I like about this meal: It’s easy, filling, and has lots of flavor. If you’re new to tofu, this is a good recipe to start with. Make sure you give yourself enough time to prepare the tofu.

Get the recipe from Smorgas Eats

Meal 2: Chickpea Tacos with Guacamole

vegetarian meal plan chickpea tacos

What I like about this meal: This is one of our favorite meals. It’s another pretty easy meal with not much prep but yet is very filling and flavorful. Chickpeas have a good amount of protein (1/2 cup provides 19.5 g) and the avocado provides a healthy amount of fat.

Get the recipe from Coffee and Quinoa

Meal 3: Vegetarian Pizza Quesadilla

vegetarian pizza


What I like about this meal: Because we all have at least one night a week that needs a super-easy meal. I like to cook up the vegetables for a few minutes prior to adding into the quesadilla. Plus, this is a meal that can be easily customized to your family’s preferences.

Get the recipe from Eats Amazing 

Meal 4: Avocado Spinach Pasta

vegetarian pasta


What I like about this meal: Our family doesn’t love red sauces so I love this alternative made from avocado and spinach. It’s another easy recipe. There is a little protein in spinach and the pecans but if you want to add more protein, use whole wheat pasta, Banza (chickpea) pasta, or even cook up an egg for a topping.

Get the recipe from Jo Cooks

Meal 5: Sweet Potato Brussels Sprout Quinoa Bowl

vegetarian meals sweet potato bowl


What we like about this meal: Another one-bowl-kind-of-meal. The key to brussels sprouts is to make sure the outer layer and the stem is cut off, as well as cutting them in half. I find that this helps remove some of the bitterness that can accompany these little cabbages. And if you are not a quinoa fan, feel free to use rice.

Get the recipe from Lauren Kelly Nutrition 


I’d love to hear your feedback on the meal plans. And if you have any requests for future meal plans.