As you know, I matched to Keith and Associates Distance Dietetics Internship (KADDI). I officially started on January 8 when we received a flashdrive in the mail. As part of the program, we had 120 hours of case studies that we had to complete before going to orientation last week.

Pre-Orientation Case Studies

One of the reasons I was interested in KADDI was because of the pre-orientation requirement. The case studies are primarily medical nutrition therapy, with some focused on food service and WIC.

The case studies are very challenging but were a really good refresher for medical nutrition therapy.

We also met virtually every week so we could ask the director any questions we had about the case studies.

Prior Assessed Learning (PAL)

Another reason I was interested in KADDI was the ability to apply for prior assessed learning. In order to get credits for PAL, I completed a form identifying the competencies I have met with my past experiences.

It took a significant amount of time to complete the form but it was worth it. Because I was granted credit for 400 hours towards my internship. With this credit, I do not have to complete the community rotation and some of the business and entrepreneurship rotation.

There were several other interns in my cohort that have also received PAL credits. Look into PAL credits if you have significant work experience.

KADDI Orientation

I spent the past week in Tulsa Oklahoma for orientation. During the four days, we spent time reviewing what we would be doing in all of our rotations, reviewing the case studies, practicing nutrition assessments, and practicing other skills that we will be using in our rotations.

My favorite morning was when Ryan Keith, the Chief Operating Officer of KADDI, spoke to us about entrepreneurship and starting our own businesses. He has started a number of small businesses and has such a passion for helping others.

My cohort has 28 interns. We came from all over the country. Some states had higher representation, like Texas!

KADDI Internship Orientation



KADDI Internship Orientation

KADDI Internship

Now obviously, I don’t have experience with any other internship but I am happy that I matched to KADDI. The director, Patti, is amazing. She really cares about us succeeding and is willing to work with us no matter what.

I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to start my food service rotation next week because the school district had not signed the affiliation agreement. But Patti and her assistant kept calming me down, reassuring me that they would make it work. She was not going to let this stop me from starting tomorrow.

Luckily, the legal department signed and agreed the affiliation agreement Friday!

There were a few others that were also concerned about their preceptors and finding rotations. Again, Patti is working with each and everyone of us to make sure we get the hours we need.

If you’re afraid of a distance internship, KADDI helps reduce those fears.


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